Committed to enriching the lives of Albertans with an intellectual disability through sport.

The Sliv

The Sliv

Due to the recent COVID-19 Pandemic, this event has been postponed. Stay tuned for updates on rescheduled date! Thank you all for your understanding!


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We are actively seeking partners and sponsors to help make this event a success and to reach our fundraising goal! For more information on ways you can partner/sponsor this event, please click below to view our sponsorship opportunities!


What is this fundraiser?
We are challenging ALL fitness fanatics alike to a workout challenge. Participants who sign up will raise a minimum of $50.00 which will go directly back into Special Olympics programs to help athletes with intellectual disabilities participate in sport. All participants will pick a time slot (wave) they would like to participate in and they will challenge themselves to a 20 min, nonstop work out! There will be prizes for top fundraiser, a raffle and more! ARE YOU READY?

Fundraiser Details
Date: Saturday March 14, 2020
Time: 9:00am – 1:00 pm (Participants will be in different waves throughout the day)
Location: Propel Performance Institute – 4242 99 St NW

A little history…
Six years ago, Special Olympics Edmonton (SOE) met a man named Sliver (Sliv). His dream was to host a fundraiser that would raise money for a charity that was dedicated to sport. In 2013, SOE was the charity of choice. In that year, not only did he raise $40,000 but he also built a strong bond with our athletes and organization. This event continued each year for the next four years. In that time, he raised over $100,000 for Special Olympics. He also went on to start our powerlifting program and train many of our National athletes. Unfortunately, Sliv’s job has him travelling all over the world and he was no longer able to coach or host the fundraiser for us. We missed him. We decided that in addition to keeping the fundraisers spirit alive and to raise funds for athletes we wanted to honor Sliv for all that he has done, and continues to do for our organization. This year, we are BRINGING THE FUNDRAISER BACK in its full and original glory.

This one’s for you, Sliv. Thank you.




Video Bank
To view the exercises in proper form, please follow these links!

Bodyweight Squats

Barbell Squat:


Barbell Burpee: