Committed to enriching the lives of Albertans with an intellectual disability through sport.


file-viewCAYMVHNXSpecial Olympics Edmonton supports 40 programs within 21 sports that operate in Edmonton. Over 550 athletes participate in weekly or bi-weekly practice sessions held in venues located throughout the city.

Programs are scheduled throughout the Fall-Winter and Spring-Summer periods. The overall goal is to create opportunities for our athletes to train throughout the year focusing on providing fun, engaging sport experiences for all individuals with varying abilities. Each program involves a head coach, and number of volunteers who work together to provide a positive and safe environment for all athletes.

Dealing with various ability levels

Many of the sports have more than one practice group (e.g., there are 5 divisions of Floor Hockey, 3 divisions of Swimming).  When there is only one sport practice, athletes are grouped based on their ability to provide a comfortable but challenging environment. Competitions are divisioned by ability, enabling athletes to compete with their peers in fair competition.

Youth and Young Athlete Programs

Special Olympics Edmonton offers activities for young athletes 2-1 years of age. The ‘Active Start’ (2-6) and Youth Multi-Sport (7-14) programs are general sport programs while soccer, bowling, and basketball are sport-specific. Children cultivate motor skills that help them develop sport skills. Program design is based on one stringent criterion: FUN!

Don’t Live in Edmonton?

There are several Special Olympics programs offered in the surrounding areas, as well.

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