Committed to enriching the lives of Albertans with an intellectual disability through sport.

Partnership Opportunities

Over the past number of years there has been a change occurring in the non-profit and for-profit relationship. For-profit enterprises have begun to expect, and rightly so, that they need to receive value for their investments. The value that they receive does not have to be financial, but it does have to be a solid return on their social investment.

As a result, both types of organizations are seeking long-term, multi-faceted, value-driven partnerships.

With this in mind, Special Olympics Edmonton is seeking partnerships that maximize the following:

  • Meet the business objectives of each partner
  • Have a clear focus and impact on the greater good (which can drive success across any sector of a partnership)
  • Brand Fit – It is important that the partnership is compatible and fits within the values of each organization

There are many benefits to partnering with Special Olympics Edmonton, some of these include:

  • Increase exposure of products and services
  • Increased employee engagement, morale and retention
  • Increases to customer and brand loyalty
  • Draw media attention and coverage
  • Provide a motivating purpose for their company and employees
  • Increase employee team building and leadership
  • Introduce and attract new business partners and relationships
  • Generate recognition for the positive impact your organization has on society
  • Receive a tax donation for any monetary contributions

Some of the benefits we receive in return are:

  • Increases in funding and value-in-kind contributions
  • Expanded donor base
  • Connection to new business partners
  • Professional development opportunities for employees
  • Attract new volunteers and professional services
  • Increase brand recognition and community messaging opportunities
There are many ways that your business or organization can get involved with Special Olympics Edmonton. If you are interested in exploring partnership or donation opportunities with Special Olympics Edmonton, please contact Celina Comeau, General Manager at or (587)-404-2522.