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Meet our Award Winners

Get to know this years award winners!

Award: Team of the Year

Meet the team
From left: Janelle McGinley Neuman, Carly McAvoy, Alana Gersky, Madison Bailey- Borges
Not pictured: Coaches Laurel Yukes & Julie Dayton

All about the team
Figure Skating is a unique sport because its not typically thought of as a “team” sport as all participants compete separately and are judged based on their unique performances. Our athletes and coaches however truly believe that in Figure Skating that one would not be successful without the support from your fellow skaters. We agree!

How long have the Provincial Skaters been together?
It takes 4 years to train for a provincial games. So, these skaters in particular have been skating together for at least that amount of time. Some of our provincial skater have been with the team since our program started over 10 years ago!

How would you describe the culture of the team? How do the skaters show sportsmanship?
What were a few of the top moments the team experienced at nationals?
This is team is small but mighty. Not only in their skill and ability but their fierce determination to showcase the power of team work. Even though they all have their own routines, they believe that by supporting each other they are in a better spot to perform well. Having your team mates and coaches to turn to not only when times are difficult but to turn to to celebrate in victories and success are fundamental to this team. Our Figure Skating team also showcases the utmost respect and dignity at competitions which makes Edmonton very proud. Way to go team!