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Return To Play

Our plan is designed to help Special Olympics Edmonton athletes, coaches, families and caregivers understand the steps and requirements for in-person programs and events to return as safely as possible.

We appreciate the patience from our community as we navigate our way through the new realities of the 2020-2021 season.

We will be continually updating this website page as the situation evolves. Last update: April 27, 2021

Our current sport level

Summer 2021 Program Update

As it stands right now, we are currently moving forward with our plans to host programs for the 2021 summer season. Due to the current COVID-19 climate, our programs can take on any variation of the following:

  • Completely Virtual
  • Virtual/ In-person Hybrid
  • Completely in person (unlikely)

Due to the possibility of meeting in person, for the summer season we are limiting athletes only participate in ONE program at a time. This is important for co-horting purposes and ensuring we are able to reduce the risks of COVID-19.

We want you to make an informed decision about if participating in programs is right for you at this stage. We encourage you to explore the following before submitting a registration and completing this step:

  • Read Special Olympics Alberta Return to Play Guidelines – these are the basis of all Special Olympics Edmonton programs and the guidelines all programs will follow
  • Consider your risk status. “It is recommended, that the final decision for involvement by athletes/other participants with high risk conditions be done in consultation with a healthcare provider, caregiver (if applicable), SOA, and be based on the guidelines and recommendations from Alberta Health and Alberta Health Services. The ultimate decision to participate is made by the athlete or participant in conjunction with their healthcare provider and parent or caregiver.” (Return to Play Guidelines, SOA, Page 12) – please read what classifies a High Risk Participant HERE
  • Watch the following VIDEO from SOE about Hybrid programs, and why we are running one.

The 2020-2021 program year will bring many changes, some known, and many unknown. Please be prepared that your sport program may look different from what you are used to, and changes to programs will be on an individual program basis.

Possible changes:

  • Cohort sizes are unknown at this time, and will only come in to effect if in-person programming goes ahead. This includes athletes, caregivers, and coaches. If cohorts are in effect and you have not submitted that you will need 1-1 support for the 2020-2021 season, you are not permitted to be accompanied by a caregiver in to the facility. Any additional personnel will be turned away at screening, if they enter the facility. There is a strict no spectator policy.
  • Programs may run as scheduled in-person, with protocols in place that may include, but are not limited to, athlete health screening, mandatory personal protective equipment, social distancing measures, and attendance criteria.
  • Program capacities may be reduced depending on the sport, facility restrictions, and volunteer support.
  • Program length may be reduced.
  • Some programs may only have skills and drills and no contact or league play.

2021-2022 Program Update

Return to play is going to be an ongoing process, so we want to thank you for your patience as we continue to be conservative in our approach. Our priority is, and will always be, the health and safety of our athletes, volunteers, and coaches.

As it stands today, we will be pushing forward with as normal of a registration as possible, and not be limiting athletes to the number of spots they can register for. HOWEVER, that could change with little to no notice. Please stay tuned for more registration information!

Guidelines and protocols

We adhere to guidelines and protocols set out by Special Olympics Alberta and work with our key partners and local health authorities to determine the safety of returning to and resuming programs. For more information, please click the links below to view most up-to-date guidelines and protocols.

Special Olympics Alberta
Alberta Health Services
City Of Edmonton

Frequent Q&A’s

When do programs start?
We just completed our first round of virtual programming. We are aiming to start summer programming early June, but cannot guarantee in which capacity it will be run. We are currently watching the COVID situation closely and will continue to follow the guidelines. You will be notified 2 weeks prior to your program start date.

Are parents/ other spectators allowed to come watch programs?
Unfortunately, no. Due to cohort restrictions, no one that is not registered at the program are permitted into the program. We know this is a big change and we appreciate families and caregivers making arrangements to not stay at the program during the duration of practice.

Are masks mandatory?
YES! Every member of a program is required to wear a mask to and from the program. Depending on your sport, you may not need to wear a mask during physical activity. Every member is required to bring their own mask, however, we will have emergency masks on hand at each program.