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Jaclyn Zimmerman
Award: Female Athlete of the Year

All about Jaclyn
Three fun facts about Jaclyn
1. I have a great sense of humor
2. I love dog movies
3. Baking cheesecake is her specialty!
In her time outside Special Olympics she….
Loves to hangout with family and friends. She also finds time to work out and stay fit. When shes not working out or hanging with her friends, you can probably catch her at the movie theater!
We asked Jaclyn if she could travel to one place in the world and have lunch with anyone, where would she go and who would he have lunch with.
She would travel all the way to Egypt and have lunch with Dwayne Johnson (the Rock!)
If Jaclyn had to be any animal she would be…
A dog, of course! I love dogs and I am also a dog whisperer!

Special Olympics Involvement
How long she has been involved with Special Olympics
Jaclyn has been involved in Special Olympics for 9 years! In that time, she has competed in MANY different sports! She started out Special Olympics in the Athletics program because she LOVES to run!
Programs and events she is involved with
Jaclyn is currently involved with Floor Hockey, Soccer and Basketball! She has also participated with the motionBALL Marathon of Sport for the past two years.
How Special Olympics has impacted her life
She has met LOTS of friends, tried new sports and has had a lot of fun! She has also had many opportunities to travel playing different sports.
Her advice for someone new who wanted to become involved with Special Olympics
Keep your head up – and try as best as you can!
A memorable Special Olympics moment for her
Receiving a gold medal in Ontario with my soccer team!
About this award
Jaclyn was nominated for this award and chosen by people in her community. She had a few words to say about this…
Thank you for nominating me. It means a lot to me.