Committed to enriching the lives of Albertans with an intellectual disability through sport.

Laura Berrisford

Laura Berrisford
Award: Female Athlete of the Year

All about Laura
Three fun facts about Laura
1. I graduated from post secondary school
2.I LOVE watching the food net work!
3. I love to write
In her time outside Special Olympics she….
I work at Woodshed Burgers with my work friends. My job is to bake fresh buns for the day. We are VERY busy there so I am baking a lot! I also enjoy spending time with family and friends.
We asked Laura if she could travel to one place in the world and have lunch with anyone, where would she go and who would he have lunch with.
She would go to Italy and have lunch with Alex Guarnaschelli. Can we come to Laura?!

Special Olympics Involvement
Years and areas of service
She has been involved with Special Olympics since for 12 years! In that time she has participated in many different sports. Currently, she is enrolled in Softball and Snowshoeing.
We asked how Special Olympics has impacted her life
It taught me to not to be afraid to try different things even if it’s scary. Way to go Laura!
Her advice for someone new who wanted to become involved with Special Olympics
Don’t be afraid to try something new !
A memorable Special Olympics moment for her
Going to nationals not once… but twice! What a track record Laura, way to go!

About this award
Laura was nominated for this award and chosen by people in her community. She had a few words to say about this…
Thank you so much for nominating me it means a lot to me!