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Caregiver Forum

Special Olympics Edmonton encourages parents, caregivers and guardians to be as involved with their athletes success and organizational growth as much as possible. One of the ways SOE would like to provide you the opportunity to do so, is to participate in our first annual Caregiver forum.

The goals of this forum are to:

  • To inform parents, caregivers and guardians of policies and procedures that will influence their athletes participation and experience within programs
  • To provide general information about SOE (programs, events, timelines, budget, etc.)
  • To allow parents, caregivers and guardians the opportunity to provide feedback to SOE in a safe, inclusive and unbiased manner
  • To open the lines of communication between parents, caregivers, guardians and the SOE office to alleviate barriers which have existed because of miscommunication and misunderstandings

This meeting will contain one general session (approx. 30 min) where SOE will share general information about what is currently going on within the organization, projections about future initiatives, programs and events as well, a brief summary of the past year. This will followed by a break out discussion where participants can choose to attend one of two topics. This breakout discussion will last approximately 40 minutes.

This year, SOE staff and Affiliate Management Committee (AMC) have chosen the two discussion topics we feel are most relevant at this time. Please see below for the selected topics and areas within those topics we are looking to hear feedback on. Of course, if you have other feedback in relation to the topic we welcome it.
1. Communication

  • What are we doing well?
  • What area in communication could the office improve on?
  • Are there other forms of commutation other than phone/ email SOE should look in to?
  • Do you feel coaches communicate with you timely and effectively?
  1. Competitions

      – Do you feel your athlete receives enough competition opportunities’?

     – Financially, do you think competitions are affordable? If not, what would be your recommendation to improve this?

     -For provincial games, do you agree or disagree with the selection process.

Forum Details:

When: Tuesday June 12, 2018
Where: Central Lions Senior Centre – 11113 113 St NW
Time: 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm (Light snacks provided)

If you are interested in attending this meeting, please click HERE to register by Friday June 10, 2018

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